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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jinkies! Zoiks! @#!*

My creative Peanut decided that we couldn't have the normal Chuck E Cheese party for her birthday this year...we all have to wear costumes. She's been really into Scooby Doo so I got her a Daphne costume. I found a used Velma costume for me on eBay...Well, it said "one size fits most adults"...I'm a size 6 and the skirt did not fit...the person who sent it to me washed it first. Zoiks! Now I need to find a red skirt b/c there is no way I'm going out in public in that skirt! I don't normally even do skirts. Jinkies! I'm going to look like a total dork.
It is also apparent that you need a button nose to make the glasses work. I am so not a Velma!
We got her stuffed dog, Barkley (she fondly refers to him as a "stuffed dog that's alive"), a Scooby mask to wear.
Normally I'm up for being silly and wearing ridiculous costumes...so not in the mood right now.

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