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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am putting my house on the market this month. Have mixed feelings about this but there's just no way I can stay. I haven't blogged in a while, but thought I'd start back up with this little ditty that I wrote this morning:

Here lies a home that had dreams
It’s owner tried with all her means
Brick by brick and pier by pier
She had those fixed and gave a cheer

A makeover for the house was in store
New flooring and paint, but the house wanted more

She made it a home where magic took place
A princess play closet for some unused space
There’s a sweet dinosaur bedroom filled with stuffed friends
And a special play area where the laughter never ends
The new stairs are majestic
The style was eclectic

The house seemed happy, it was all coming together
Until the roof was hit by some really bad weather
An insurance adjustor arrived when the owner made a claim
A new roof, yes, that would leave the house feeling the same

She didn’t stop there,
She showed the house more care
And gave it new gutters and downspouts
Now when the rain comes, no worries, no doubts

She didn’t want to leave this lovely little house
But she was told “I’m moving north” by her ex spouse
With kindergarten looming and a child to share
She’d have to move, it was time to prepare

The house did not take this news very well
It did not want its owner to sell
It made its disdain very clear
And that’s when more problems started to appear

Spores started growing under the sink
They grew and grew and started to stink
She said “in with the new cabinet and out with the mold!”
It’s going to be fine after that was what she was told

But the house wasn’t done, a sewer leak was detected
And that left the owner feeling quite dejected

So on the market the house goes
Even with all its aches and woes

The chimney still leans and the windows are a pane!
It’s labeled a “fixer upper” with so much to gain.

This might be the little house that could
Please take a look if you would

How’s that for disclosure! My realtor will probably think I'm nuts, which I am.

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