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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Daughter the Elephant

I was driving Peanut back to Robert D's house after ballet this morning. She asked me who named Barkley and I told her that I did. Then I told her I picked the name out because it was easy to remember (dogs bark). Then I told her about her rattle named "Chickee" that she just loved and she asked me if we still had it and if I was going to give it to her cousin, "Sprout". I said of course not and that I was saving it in a box of special baby things. Then she said that was good and that I should not give away the pool ball. Pool ball? Had no clue what she was talking about so I asked her to explain, ...she said, "Awe come on mom, you know what I'm talking about". First, she sounded so adult and second, how she ever remembered that this tiny squishy ball was in a tub of toys going to Sprout is beyond me. My daughter, the elephant, never forgets...only she did forget that she maybe played with this ball ONCE! Yes, I find it funny that I'm saying she's an elephant when her nickname is Peanut.

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