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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Back Squash

It's official...I'm the "cat lady"...ughhh.
Russell called Joy Joy to tell her that he'd be bringing Squash to her (so she could bring him to me). He couldn't handle bringing him to me, so this was just easier. If my dad and Cheeto weren't in town visiting I think I would have had a much harder time with this...cried, of course, but dusted myself off...
I now have three cats! Squash, Percy and Buddy...yipes! Buddy is a "loaner" cat, so he'll be eventually going back to Sandi. Surprisingly they are getting along pretty well and nighttime has been overall peaceful. Whew!
Squash is a funny little dude. He drinks water from the tap, hangs over the tub when Peanut takes a bath, chases the plastic milk rings around the house and plays fetch. He hangs over furniture and countertops in a way that makes him look like a bear rug, and drops toys in his food dish. Overall a very "doggish cat".
I keep asking him to tell me about how Russell is doing, but so far he hasn't given anything up from his "bachelor days" with Russell. Oh well.

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