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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nature's Art

Peanut and I had a really bad week with each other. A battle of the wills, if you will. A lot of attitude, dawdling and plain old obnoxious behavior. Never mean spirited...but annoying and disrespectful.

It's Wednesday...again....

I dropped her off this morning at school. Car ride started out crappy because of the dawdling...I was flustered and quite bitchy...anxiety was high. While I was driving down the road I noticed that the clouds to the south were lying very low and gave the illusion of mountains in a distance...the sun was not quite up yet, so the clouds had that purple, majestic mountain thing going on. I pointed out the clouds to Peanut and she said, "It's like art".

"Mother Nature's art", I said. She pulled out her journal and wrote down what she saw. I can't wait to check her journal when I see her next so I can read what she wrote and see what she drew.

Sharing these beautiful clouds with each other certainly lightened our mood and the goodbye was sweet and loving. As I was driving away from the school I was reminded that she is also nature's art.

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