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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Race you to the bridge!

The house will officially be back on the market tomorrow. I have to say, it is starting to look really good. Link to the listing forthcoming. The apartment complex that I put a deposit down in May will have a vacancy September 10th. I hope my house sells fast b/c the unit that is available is about 100 yards away from the gate that leads to the park that leads to the bridge that leads to Peanut's school! I went ahead and let them process my application b/c they said if I can't move in on the 10th I have the option of remaining on the waiting list or losing my deposit. It's a gamble I'm going to take b/c there's not a thing for sale anywhere close by, nor anything else to rent that will be suitable...and the thought of walking my daughter to school makes me very happy.

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