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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upper 80th Percentile

My 5-year old Peanut had her annual check-up today. Poor thing, she missed out on Splash Day at school because of it. No way to reschedule as we already had to do that in May and it took over 2 months to get another appointment. I met her and Robert at the Dr's office. True to form she showed up nappy headed...I am not sure if there's even a hair brush at Robert's house sometimes. Aaaak. Both the nurse and the pediatrician mentioned the crazy nest that she had at the back of her head. Yipes. They took her weight (43lbs) and height (3'8.5"). She's in the upper 80th percentile for height and 70th percentile for weight...cool!
As usual, Barkley accompanied us to the appointment. That dog got weighed, took an eye exam and was her voice during her hearing screening. Every time the pitch got higher, Barkley's "Beep" matched it...kind of funny.
Worst part about the appointment was when she got her 2nd and final chicken pox vaccination. Poor baby, she was crying before they even gave her the shot. The Scooby Snacks that I brought for her helped.
Hugged my little one good-bye in the parking lot and will have her back on Saturday.
I've missed her (summer schedule is a total bummer IMO).
We are going shopping for her first day of school outfit on Saturday with her Mimi. Very special occasion indeed.

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