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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bedtime Chatter

Peanut had a hard time winding herself down last night and didn't fall asleep until about 10:30pm. When she came out of the room at 10pm to tell me she couldn't sleep I crawled into bed with her for some cuddle and talk time. She started talking about never wanting to leave my house or her dad's house...even when she grows up she said she wants to still live with us. Not the first time she has brought this up and it's so cute and sweet. She even said that she doesn't want to go away to college because then she'd have to move out of her houses. Funny kid and I'm sure that will all change. She also mentioned wanting me to move in with her daddy when she grows up. Was sensitive but firm about there never being a possibility of my moving back in with her dad. Also told her that I definitely could not live with her dad if he got married again...and vice versa. This brought on a case of the giggles which I just love! We got slightly off topic and started talking about all my brothers and sisters. "Mom, how is it that you have so many brothers and sisters?", she said. So I told her about my parents divorcing and remarrying and having more kids. She got kind of serious and said that she wanted a stepdad who was handsome. That works for me too!

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