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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leave a Message

Picked Peanut up from school yesterday. While I was driving her home I asked her to help me out by not making a huge mess in the living room b/c someone was coming for a second showing of the house (yes, I said SECOND SHOWING!). Looked in the rear view mirror at her and she just sat there with this blank look on her face. I said, "Did you hear me?" Then I said, "Are you going to help me out when we get home?"...nothing...so I said, "Are you going to answer my questions?"...she gets wide eyed (in a very defiant teenager way) and says, "Nobody's home, leave a message". Fit of giggles after that from both of us. Guess you just had to be there, but there was something in the way she said it that made her sound so grown up (and bratty). She said she made that up, but I'm holding onto the hope that she just heard it on a show!

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