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Monday, August 17, 2009

A stone's throw away

Peanut and I sat on a bench just outside her new school yesterday. We talked about what going to school means and all the new experiences she's going to have...and all the things she can be when she gets older as a result of doing well in school. Then we walked around the perimeter of the school grounds for a bit. Took a walk over that bridge that leads to the apartments...bubbling brook below and trees that canopy over it. It was just beautiful. Paints a nice picture. I am pretty frustrated right now because my house hasn't sold. If it doesn't sell, then we won't be able to move to the apartments in September, and I'll have to forfeit the unit they're holding available for me. Felt pretty desperate yesterday afternoon...and that special moment I had with my daughter is what I'm clinging to right now.
I'm tired of things just being/feeling slightly out of reach all the time.

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