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Monday, December 14, 2009

In the Pink

"Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I concede"

"All this pink is making me itchy!"

" Pink accommodations were not listed in the brochure.
What's with the reversible comforter?"

Hello Pink!!!

Bye Bye Land Before Time Curtains

Peanut kept insisting that she'd sleep in her bed once she had her "pink" room. Up until now it's been a Land Before Time Room. I kept holding off on redecorating as I thought we'd be moving. Last May I purchased pink princess themed bedding and a few other things. Had to come up with a solution for turning the room pink without taking down her Land Before Time Murals (which of course she wanted to keep). The walls are a lavender color (technically Silverberry!)...We hung curtain rods along the wall that has the murals and then hung pink curtains to cover the wall. A few more pink touches were added and we now have one girly girl room...and I didn't have to paint the walls. She's slept in there a couple of times, but we're working toward more nights...and Grandma and Grandpa dinosaur can still watch over her bed.
I am fostering my friend Sandi's cat, Buddy (aka Bud Bud)...he has staked out Peanut's room as his own (leaving Percy with all of the downstairs area)...eventually he got used to the pink.

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