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Monday, December 21, 2009

Peanut's Gallery

I snuck in the picture for this shot
I don't think she meant to take
a picture of the ceiling
Whoa! Psychadelic!
My cheek
Click your heels three times
I know he's my ex, but he's
adorable in these kinds of pics
Peanut and Paw Paw's mouth and tie
Paw Paw
Uncle Brio
Santa and Barkley
Yes, I took this one

This one came out good
This one came out pretty good also!
I am getting my dad's old camera this week, so I'll start letting Peanut use my camera when she wants. I showed her how to use it yesterday at brunch and these are some of the photos she took. She cut off a lot of heads, but some of them were actually pretty good! There are photographers on both sides of the family, so who knows! Maybe she'll have her very own Peanut Gallery some day (sorry, couldn't resist).

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