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Thursday, January 14, 2010

All for One and One for Peanut

It is college week at Peanut's elementary school. This past weekend we went through all of the events for this week and talked about college. From what Peanut knows about college she has already decided that she'll only go if she can live at home still. She's been saying this for quite a while and I think I need to get it on video as proof! Anyway, back to this weekend...she's been watching the movie Barbie and the Three Musketeers quite a bit lately...she is so into it that she trains to be a musketeer (mostly by using a sash as a ribbon that knocks things over in the house). When I asked her what she wanted to study in college she said, "Musketeer". Then I asked her what kinds of things she'd need to learn in order to be a Musketeer and I got "How to protect the king by using ribbons, perfume and fans. You know, mom, Musketeers do not use knives, swords or guns". Told her she'd also need to learn to be an acrobat, how to sew (costumes) , fine literature, and math. Sandi came over this weekend (R.I.P. Sister Kitty!) and she tried to enlist her to train with her. Sunday night Peanut asked me if there were any colleges that could teach her how to be a musketeer. I seized the opportunity and told her that if there were they would probably be in another city and she'd have to go to school in a different city or town than here...to which she replied, "Or you and dad could just move where I go"...Why didn't I think of that?
Yesterday was dress up in what you want to be when you graduate college. I forgot all about it. Ten minutes before we were supposed to leave for school she tells me that she's not wearing anything in the pile of choices that I gave her because she's supposed to wear a career outfit. I said, "Okay, wanna wear your Doctor's coat?"...."Mom! That's boring. I am going to go as a Musketeer". Told her there was no way I could put a costume together and that she needed to get dressed, brush her teeth and go to the bathroom...followed by a few swear words on my part (getting her out the door in the morning is stressful enough as it is because we have a bit of a drive!). She was insistent. I caved. Picked out a pair of pink leggings and a long sleeved pink shirt that had a princess cameo in the middle. She had a dark pink hat that was from Easter that she's been wearing when she "trains", so she wore that too...I tried to put a sash on her, but she insisted that she HAD to wear a cape. Aaaakkkkk!!!!!...a few more swear words came out of my mouth which I do not wish to repeat. Found a piece of leftover pink tulle in her Princess Closet and cut it to make a cape. Put her pink boots on because "Musketeers always wear boots"
We got to school with less than 5 minutes to spare.
Yes, she was the only kid in school to be dressed as a Musketeer.
I am tickled by her imagination, but it wears me out!
Facebooked a brief version of this story yesterday and asked if anyone knew of a school she could go to...a very clever high school friend replied..."University of Virginia"...the Cavaliers!
And no, I did not get a picture...we were too rushed. :(

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