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Friday, December 9, 2011


Her beauty was the color of sunshine.
She was displayed for other's enjoyment.
She spent her life hoping she'd be picked and adored.
She watched as those beside her left;
Oh how she wanted the same!
How sad she was to not feel needed
Over time she aged
She worried at first that this would make her less desirable.
One day someone spied her amongst the others and gently picked her up.
She was certain this person made a mistake for the others appeared to be the better choice.
She braced herself waiting to be discarded,
But the person looked at her as if they found a treasure!
Wide-eyed and smiling the person shielded her as they walked to a hill,
marveling along the way at their good fortune.
Confused no more she let herself feel appreciated.
She was kissed and into the wind she blew.
She danced merrily in flight,
Finally understanding she did not need to be adored,
For she knew what it meant to be cherished

photo from tki-health-om.blogspot.com


  1. You have so much talent! What a beautifully composed sonnet. It really drew me in and have me there! Wow!


  2. So beautiful, Stephanie, you and the poem.

    Lola, who had an extremely nice week

  3. This was awesome. Great surprise ending with that picture!

  4. what a feeling of recognition and love. that's what i get from your cherished. and of not being left behind. and freedom and life in death.

  5. This is AMAZING! I love the word "cherish" now. This made me smile :0)

  6. My son's loved dandelions. Or in their words, the "puffballs". Everytime I see them I smile. They are one of my favorite things.

  7. Dear Stephanie,
    Your lovely writing here, following by the photograph, so tickled my innards and made me smile with pure joy.

    Thank you.

  8. I so glad you all enjoyed this post. I was a little worried on the wording.
    Thank you for the awesome comments!

  9. Oooooo! How exciting!!! Love this and I am practically feeling the butterflies! You are such a beautiful person who absolutely deserves to be cherished and more!!

  10. Beautiful, just like you my friend.

  11. Cherished is better. It last longer. lol

  12. i kept this open on my desktop, read it, read it again, and finally realized I'd never really have the right words to tell you how much I loved it and should at least comment to let you know I've been here...and I loved it!

  13. Stephanie, this is such a beautiful, awesome poem. Stunning. You are quite gifted. Wow!