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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Extra Weight

They played a marvelous game of tug-of-war.

Holding the rope tightly as they stared into each other's eyes.

He'd pull back causing her to lunge forward.

Determined not to lose her footing she did the same.

The intensity of their stares grew.

He raised one eyebrow.

She raised two.

They smiled at each other as if to say, "truce".

That's when they both let go of the rope.

They fell to the ground and laughed their asses off.

Glad to be rid of the extra weight.


  1. Oh! You got me. Not what I thought that was going to be about.

  2. Oh boy...

    The eternal struggle continues, right?

  3. Sometimes my life feels like that but I am the one who ends up on her big fat ass........lol

  4. You need to write a book with these! They are amazing. I'd LOVE to have a little book I could read whenever I need to. You write so beautifully!

  5. They say love is about give and receiving but I think it's all about give...like you two giving at the same time and laughing on the floor about it ;)

  6. So, what happens when one of them fakes the other out and sends the other flying backwards, causing them to trip over the cat, hit their head on the door frame, and lay unconcious on the floor?

    Wait. You mean that only happens in my house? Damn.

  7. You've had to much "extra weight" in your life, Steph. I'm glad you've gotten rid of it!!!

  8. P. S. I hope you had an amazing New Year's :0)