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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Good Chase to Nourish the Soul

I watched my child walk a puppy.

A shortened leash in her hands.

With just enough slack to hunt a squirrel or two.

When the pup took off running, she gleefully ran with him.

Knowing it was all about the thrill of a good chase.

I've had a joyous return to my present.

I reigned in my imagination,

Giving it enough room to hope and create.

When it runs away, I don't mind running with it.

The places we go now nourish the soul.


  1. This photo was taken on Monday. Peanut climbed a tree in the park, stating that she was "channeling her inner squirrel".

    1. Holy crap that comment is hilarious!

  2. a good chase is invigorating. and all journeys end at the origin. so simple a piece and so meaningful.

  3. How did that child get to be so funny and intelligent? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


  4. What a doll! She's so beautiful ;)

  5. My boys channel their inner squirrel all the time. That is what they tell me anyway when they are scaling the heating vents in their room.

    Peanut is beautiful.

  6. First off I am playing tag and you have been tagged by me go to my blog to check out the rules: http://jo-annemotherandnanna.blogspot.com/

    Secondly I have not walked a dog in years what a doll you have there

  7. Dear Stephanie,

    May we always choose those places that "nourish the soul." What lovely words.