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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Island of One

She sat on her island of one.
She scoured the depths of a sea of emotions
For two years before she found it.

She drew a map…
A map of the treasures found along the way to herself.
Upon her arrival she promptly cast the map out into the sea.

She watched it float until it was no longer in sight.
Would the current pull it under,
Or would it wash ashore somewhere
In the distance when the tide rolled in?

She left that decision to the ocean,
Confident she’d be happy either way.

The map floated back to her several weeks later.
A note was attached that read,
“Please make room
For I am coming to sit beside you on your island of one.”


  1. This sounds serious--& lovely.

    I hope it's not like the island in The Phantom Tollbooth. The name of the island was "Conclusions" & the only way to get there was by jumping...........

  2. This may be a repeat--my comment seems to have disappeared.

    That sounds serious--& lovely.

    I hope it's not like the island in THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH. The name of the island was CONCLUSIONS & you could only get there by jumping........

  3. It's so nice when you get company on the island.

    As long as you're not marooned, because then you'd most likely get on each other's nerves. :)

    It's even better, if the company is hot, builds the huts, and serves you pina coladas surf side.

  4. I'll be honest when I say that your title scared me. I thought Rudolph went in search of the Abominable Snowman and was not going to return. I'm really happy that this is not the case.

  5. I got freaked out when I saw the title as well! It made me realize how much I'm rooting for you two! Beautiful post!

  6. Fishducky - I'm gonna have to look into The Phantom Tollbooth, never heard of it.
    Julianna- You so make me laugh...and I know that you "get" me.
    Joshua and Maggie - Rudolph was actually my inspiration for this story...he asked for the map once when we were first dating.

  7. What an amazing post! This is soooo inspiring. I would love to write a whole book about this. You have such a way with words. When the map came back--wow!

  8. Thank you, Elisa. I'm so glad you liked it. It's hard to live up to the words that I write, but I'm trying. Oh boy am I trying.

  9. You never heard of The Phantom Tollbooth--one of my alltime favorite books? Read it with Peanut. It's written in 2 levels (children & adults) at once. An example: The protagonist, a boy named Milo, has a car that will only move when you're quiet. Why? It goes without saying! There are many wonderful characters in it. The MATHEMAGICIAN, who mines for numbers with a pickaxe. The broken ones are fractions, of course. There's a person--ONE PERSON---who bills himself as the world's shortest giant, the world's tallest midget, the world's fattest thin man & the world's thinnest fat man.

    YOU & PEANUT WILL BOTH LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dear Stephanie,
    Once again your imagination and your emotions have created a scene that draws us--your readers--into your story and your life. You have a novel in you. I hope one day you will write it.

    Sorry, Stephanie, to have been gone so long from your blog. I thank you for reading mine. I've been a little under the weather and so haven't visited blogs for about three weeks. Now I hope to start again and keep up with all the blogs, like yours, from which I learn so much about life.

    Peace in this new year.

  11. Fishducky - Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out. Always looking for good books to read with The Nut.
    Dee- Welcome back, take your time...I'm pretty behind with reading blogs as well.

  12. living up to the words we write, yes, it is a worthy attempt to do that. on my journey, i have noticed that i am surprised at who i am becoming and also have to push myself to become further. in other words, there are days when am that higher self i seek. other days, i fail. sometimes my words seem to get ahead of the progression. but i trust it is a stew of variation that all makes sense and we continue on.

    your post is good. i know that anticipatory energy, waiting for the other to arrive, whether it's another person or our own evolving to a higher self. that keeping watch, keeping vigil is so fundamental in the journey, me thinks.

  13. Oh Stephanola! I love it. The conclusion blew me away. I want a companion on my island.


  14. and the ocean as a strong dreaming symbol of the unconscious is hard to miss here too.

  15. Stephanie,
    I know what you mean. ;) I think you're doing an amazing job.

  16. I am with Julianna, but would like a swirl margarita please. Let me know when the island is open for visitors. Tee hee!!!

  17. so inspiring indeed - but also so poetic - "She left that decision to the ocean,
    Confident she’d be happy either way." - to leave things to the ocean is such a big statement - to leave it to the unconscious, to nature, to the unpredictable - a wealth of thoughts in that one line - nicely put!