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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have a case of shallow words.
My vocabulary is restricting me to the kiddie pool.
Deeper words are not yet rising to the surface.
It's all nice,
And pleasant as I'm bobbing along.
It's definitely not dark...
I still enjoy splashing around with my thoughts.
But these floaties are annoying to wear.


  1. I suggest trading the floaties in for an inner tube. Makes it easier to bring the fruity drink and straw to your lips. Plus, no awkward tanlines.

    1. Joshua, if I do that I'll either fall thru or get out of the water and have a very wrinkled rear...

  2. Do they have ducks on them? Because ducks would at least make you look cool...

  3. Where I come from floaties in a pool are escapees from loose diapers and are to be avoided at all costs. But I did like your poem.

  4. Dear Stephanie, this being patient with ourselves and present to the moment--even when wearing a "floatie"--is part of letting contentment seep deep within. I've been trying to do that for many, many, many--and I say it again--many years. I so hope that practice does indeed make perfect. Peace.