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Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Cars and Kisses

Weird does not even describe the dreams I've had this past week.
Monday night the dream was about my car, Sally. I dreamt that I traded her in for what I thought was a newer model and it turned out to be older and with 95,000 miles!
Tuesday night (or possibly Wednesday morning) I had people coming and going from my house for no particular reason...and then Matt Damon was carrying down a big TV from upstairs. I helped him with it and then we kissed each other. Love his work, but don't particularly find him attractive so it was very odd that he'd be in a dream. The kiss was really good though. Normally my dream kisses are just terrible, all of them have been terrible except this one and one other...hmmmmm? Ever see the movie "Never Been Kissed?" It was like that kiss in the end between Michael Vartan's character and Drew B's character. He just walks right up to her and takes that kiss! Hands down, my favorite movie kiss. Darn! Would have loved to have kissed Michael V in my dream.
Last night I had a dream that Peanut was with me and we had just parked my car in our garage. We were coming from a rummage sale at Mimi and Paw Paw's house. I scored a major find with one of those desks like we had in grade school! I know, odd. So I go out to get it from the car (which I forgot to lock in my dream) and my car is gone! Stolen!
Why am I having so many dreams about Sally?
And just what does that kiss really mean?
Stay tuned for another episode of hot cars and yummy kisses.

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