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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remember When You Could Get Screwballs for a Dime?

Picked Peanut up from school yesterday and headed over to "The Castle Park" (her name for the park). The weather was beautiful. To be honest, I was in it for the ice cream. They have these Popsicle thingy's that are shaped like Pink Panther, or Dora, Ninja Turtle, etc...and they taste amazing. I actually looked them up on-line to see if they carry them in any stores...they don't. You have to be a vendor to buy them. They call them "Impulse Buys"...(that's what they told me in an email). Darn. I wish my brother Erik had become the ice cream man like he said he was going to be when he was young. Speaking of the ice cream man, our neighborhood ICM growing up was named Poncho. Don't ask me how I remember this from 30+ years ago, but I do. I remember paying $0.10 for a Screwball ice cream! I also remember when my mom gave us a quarter for two Screwballs and Poncho only gave us one...the price had gone up to $0.25. We argued over who would get the Screwball...my mom stuck it in the freezer. Case closed. Poncho was nice. If you told him about something good that happened to you or a good story he'd sometimes give you free candy. And while I'm remembering names, our mailman's name was Paul. Great, big guy...bald, glasses, always sweating.
I have no clue now what my mailman's name is or the ice-cream man for that matter...but I remember when you could get Screwballs for a dime. Hmmmm...................
PS- The park was awesome. What a nice way to spend the afternoon...and we left without incident (which I heavily praised her for).

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