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Friday, April 1, 2011

Four is Enough

Okay, Ms. Nadine and Ms Tracy, I got all excited 'cause I saw that I had more "Followers" and it turns out that you two are duplicates...

Not much to report today...ho hum! I am excited about picking my Peanut up from school today though.

Nadine, it's your turn to start blogging.

Juliana, I had to tell my friends about your blog. It has been great fun!

Tracy, step away from the Jelly Bean drawer!

Joy, Joy (she's so cool I have to say her name twice) - long time no post! I'm waiting (stomping feet)

...and having 4 "Followers" is really more than enough for me to feel connected.


  1. I am lucky enough to already have two followers and that's way okay with me. I would rather type my posts as if nobody is reading them, that way I don't leave out anything I really want to say. I say that, but I really do sensor myself anyways!

  2. Awww, thanks. I try to stalk publicly, it's the only non-creepy way, ya know?

    I still love when I get new followers, Almost Hubs gets even more excited than I do... we both remember the days when it was just me and "Captain Dumbass" (seriously, that's his online name) Now I have over 60.. how will I ever keep all of them enteratined?

    It's a challange I must accept. :)