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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Love Wednesdays

I love when children speak unfiltered, especially when it comes to processing relationships.

Peanut - "Mom, who is your best friend?"

Me - "Nadine, Joy Joy and Tracy. I have more than one and can't choose." (JJ & Tracy, if you didn't already know this I consider you "Besties")

Peanut - "I think The Boogieman should be your best friend" (she used his real name, of course)

Me - "Why is that, sweet girl?"

Peanut - "Well, you must be his. Come on mom, you know he likes you"

Me - "He does, hmmm?"

Peanut - "Yes, he must because he sang your favorite song to you"

Me - "Yes, that was really special"....


She never knew that we dated, only that he was a friend. She never met him either, so it must have been something she read in my face that morning that he sent me the song.

Speaking of The Boogieman, I'm frustrated...but for today we'll stick to What I Love. It is Wednesday, after all.

What do you love?


  1. You are one of my "Besties" too! As for what I love...on the weekends when Jenna comes into my room to snuggle with me. She is so sweet and loving that I can only have a good day after that!!

  2. Snuggle time on the weekends is great...though I'd rather not start the snuggling at 7am.

  3. Toast. With a little bit of butter.

    And a big cup of cocoa.

    What can I say... it's been raining all day. And I was out delivering maiul in it for 6 hours. :(