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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Day Late for the Party- Love Your Face

What party you ask?

The celebration of Melynda's book!



There are exceptional people in my bloggerhood, and Melynda is one of those people. She's not only funny and warm, she's strong and brave. Her outlook on life is inspiring and her posts are daily reminders of the goodness in this world.

I'm sorry I'm so late with this blog post. Yesterday got away from me, workwise.

Melynda, good luck with your surgery today. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

I highly recommend her book, so click on the link and check it out. It was put together by some very loving friends, but it's all Melynda.
As Melynda would say, "Love your face!"


  1. Melynda will be ever so delighted to know you have done this lovely post in her honour, Stephanie! From what I'm able to gauge, there has been quite a ripple effect around Blogland and hopefully, this will translate in unprecedented sales for a first release publication. My fingers are securely crossed! I bought two hard copies yesterday, one to keep and one to give away. They should get to me by the end of the month.

  2. Not a day late, just extending the efforts. :o)

  3. I hope this party is like the Energizer bunny--just keeps going & going & going..........!

  4. Great post, Stephanola. Melynda's book is on my blog today, too.


  5. I will have to check that out darlin... thanks for sharing it!

  6. I have already bought. :) I think about her so often, she truly is one of the best Pen Pals. :)

    (Thanks for all of your comments... I have seriously got to catch up.)

  7. I want this book as I think Melynda is an awesome woman so I am going to check out buying it now...........

  8. Oh Steph this was so nice of you! Promoting my book AND saying nice things about me? What more could a girl ask for? lol You are never a day late! No worries my friend. BTW my book hit top 10 in two different catastrophes today. AND yes I do love your face!!! :)

    1. Melynda--do you mean CATAGORIES or CATASTROPHES??

  9. Oh Poo. Yes what Fishducky said. Guess I shouldn't try and correct my typo's via the word correction thing since I can't see what it is correcting lol

  10. Lord those ladies above me crack me up. :)

    Come visit when you have time. :)