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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family - Warmth

Would she remember these moments?
Summoned by her great grandfather
She ran downstairs to sing him a song.
Normally these are reserved for Friday nights over the phone.
But they were both in the same place at the same time.
One must always take advantage of an opportunity like this.
It mattered not the tune,
Or even the tone in her voice which was actually quite terrible.
It sounded beautiful to him and to all of us.
Because we all knew how precious this opportunity was.

She kissed his cheek and gave him a light hug.
Grabbing his arm gently she told him,
"I'll be back later, okay Papa Sam?"
The look of caring and concern on her face
Was far more mature than her seven years of age.
("Seven and a little over a half," she'd tell you.)
But he felt it with all his 96 years.

She ran back upstairs to play,
And left behind warmth


  1. She'll remember this, because you've so beautifully written it down for her.


  2. Absolutely beautiful. I just love it. Kali vaguely remembers Grandpa Rich but I'm afraid her memories will disappear over time. It's up to Grandma to keep them alive! Just loved this. Thank you.

  3. Oh Stephanola! She'll always remember him.


  4. So sweet! I love this picture! Having photos of him will make a difference, will trigger her memories!

    I have fond memories of my great granddad, he was special to me. I have pictures of him and I when I was 5. I cherish them!

  5. So precious! :0) What a beautiful piece and a lovely picture :)

  6. Steph that was so sweet! I hope she will always remember that!

  7. Adorable! What a precious moment to capture in words and on camera. She will remember!

  8. Dear Stephanie,
    This is a loving and lovely posting.