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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Off to Sleep

It joined us last night.
It doesn't visit often
Which is a good thing
As it takes up precious space

Last night I was too tired and tried to ignore it.
That was my mistake.
In return it stole my sleep.

I sat there, bleary-eyed
Wanting to wake you
But you were resting so peacefully.
I couldn't.

It kept me company until I said, "I see you!"
I stared straight at it, deep in thought
It couldn't deny my acknowledgement
It knew I'd tell you about it when you woke up.

That's when it left, the elephant in the room.
and I drifted off to sleep.


  1. So what is the elephant in the room?

    And more importantly... why have I not seen any pictures of your kitchen reno?

  2. Julianna beat me to the question. Now we await your answer ;)

    I would love to see your new look kitchen, too :) Please?

  3. I hate when that f'ing elephant pushes its way in when you are doing your best to pretend it doesn't exist. It never brings good news with it, does it? I hope it's not too bad though. Now we're all on pins & needles trying to figure out what it is! You're killing us.

  4. Sometimes I don't mind if something steals my sleep because it is often better than it showing up in the contours of a nightmare. ~Mary

    1. Mary-so true! I didn't have any nightmares but boy was I tired in the morning!!!

  5. Oh peaceful sleep when the elephant leaves! And the comfort of someone else there! Great poem!

  6. Dear Stephanie,
    The elephant in the room can end up being a friend that doesn't want to disturb your sleep. Can you make a friend of that elephant? Can it teach you something you long to know?


  7. I love your poems, too. Does the elephant in the room have an identity? Is it something the speaker in the poem doesn't want to confront?


  8. But what if "to sleep, perchance to dream" is a bad thing?

    Don't mind me today.

  9. You write the most beautiful poems ;)

  10. I hate it when the elephant just sits there