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Monday, February 20, 2012

Please Be Kind to Me

"Please be kind to me," she said.



Perhaps she was about to get bad news from her doctor.
She could be receiving a critique of a new piece of artwork.
Had she just stepped on a scale?
Maybe she got in a fight with her lover.
It's possible someone had already been unkind to her that day.
It could be a request to a higher power for mercy.
She very well could be requesting a donation.
Slim chance that she just ate a chili cheese coney with extra onions
And her stomach was grumbling, but you never know.
She might have been holding a mirror to her face at the time.

Five simple words arranged in a sentence.

A simple request for one of the most basic of needs...

"Please be kind to me."


  1. Please be kind to yourself.....

    1. Fishducky, I promise I'm being kind to myself.

  2. I overheard a co-worker talking with a utility company on the phone a couple of weeks ago. She'd been thru at least 3 customer service reps who were not kind to her. The 4th rep she talked to started to take the same tone with her. She diffused the situation simply by asking the person to be kind to her. I thought at the time, "What a simple thing to say to diffuse a potentially bad situation"...

  3. I say that a lot because so many people are unkind that I quickly reach the point of, I can't stand any more. I am not above fishing for compliments either. I think your co-worker had a good idea, and you turned it into poetry. Well done.


  4. Poo I scream those words every time I check the mail! :)

  5. I worked in customer service and there wasn't a lot of kindness there. This means that whenever I have to call customer service, I am always very friendly, understanding, and as kind as I can be in the situation. It's a tough job!