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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Reward for Patience

I'm not feeling well today.
Mother Nature brought clouds and rain to me today for company. I think she knew sunshine would be too bright. The thing is, I'm not wallowing in self pity or wishing I had more. By all accounts life is very good. There's a lot of happiness going on in this head of mine! But I am depressed. The kind I just need to let myself weather.

Perhaps the clouds and the rain and the chill in the air is a reminder that I have all the warmth I need inside myself... it's all in there, built on hard work and kindness to myself, deep love for and from others. It's just slow to start...and I need to wait.
Maybe this is why Mother Nature gives us rainbows? A reward for patience.


  1. You will weather this storm, Stephanie. You're made of tough stuff. Think on the rainbows: Rudolph always is near because of wuvley Stephanie. See it?

  2. Rainbows wouldn't be as beautiful if we didn't have rain clouds to compare them with. We all have cloudy days but the sun always comes back out. Hugs to you!

  3. You have a warm heart & that's all you need.

  4. You have to take the rough with the smooth, without the rain there would be nothing to compare the sun with.

  5. I love this bit..........."Maybe this is why Mother Nature gives us rainbows? A reward for patience"

    I hope you are feeling less depressed today...........

  6. Rudolph hasn't hurt your feelings, has he? Cuz if he has, his ass is grass and I'm the mower.


    1. Janie, Rudolph did not hurt my feelings. You can put your mower away.

    2. Thanks for the caring comments. I am doing much better.

  7. Dear Stephanie,
    I like your rainbow/reward idea.

    You know when the barometer changes--goes precipitously up or down--I get a Meniere's headache. So I'm wondering if your feeling depressed is because it's raining outside and the barometer has changed. Weather can affect those with arthritis too and it commonly brings on headaches and low spirits.


  8. I hope you're feeling better...come see what I have posted and tagged you in tonight. I think it'll make you smile.

  9. and menstrual cycles. That's always how I feel when Mother Nature sends her dreadful Aunt my way.