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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger Is Not My Friend Right Now

Anybody else having trouble logging into Blogger to post comments to other people's blogs?

I've been trying since yesterday. Every time I have signed into to my blog, choose to Comment, choose Comment with Google Account, click...and it takes me to my gmail sign-in. So I sign in, and it brings me back to my comment...only it's listed as Anonymous...so I click okay to post it and it takes me back to my gmail sign-in.

Waaaaaaa! I've been wanting to comment on so many posts!

Blogger is not my friend right now!


  1. Another commenter had this issue. Not sure how it was fixed, or if it just resolved itself.

    Maybe a restart?

    Good luck. I'm not much help... HTML hates me.

  2. How annoying! I have had shit like that happen a few times. Does blogger not realize that blogging keeps us from having to go to therapy?

    By the way, I was looking at your picture and I just have to say that I think you are so pretty :)


  3. That happened to me this morning. I had to log into my blogger account, exit the internet then go back and try again. Shazbut!!