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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Not Just Me

Thanks for your last comment about Blogger, Julianna. BTW, how is it that you are not making those dresses for a living? Simply stunning.

I got onto the Blogger forum and apparently I'm not the only one having a problem with commenting.

So you all know, I wish I could comment on your posts...

Except you, Mrs. Pickle...I have to admit, I absolutely love your Oh-My-Fucking- G_d -I -can't- believe- she- said -that posts, but I'm at a loss when it comes to commenting...I'm resolved to be "me" when I post comments to you, so if I don't comment, just know you made me crack up...and I'm gonna keep reading.

Sigh....so much more to comment on....

I'm going to go eat a Cadbury Egg...that'll make me feel better. And I still have 8 left! I know, dontcha just hate me?


  1. I was actually thinking the other day..."I wonder how many she has left."


    Now I must check out Mrs. Pickle

  2. Hi lady! Hadn't heard from you in a couple of days so I came to see what you are up to. I had the same problem. I had to sign out of my blog and then sign back in and the problem fixed itself. Elisa, actually told me this. She's a genius and Im a tard but hey that's why we get along so well.. Enjoy your eggs and yes I am jealous!!!

  3. Oh well I am glad you like my posts. Knowing that know I can put the razor blades away. I was feeling such despair!
    On a serious note though, I am glad they make you laugh. I have been through some pretty awful things and laughter is the only thing that got me through those hard times.

    - Love Mrs. Pickle

  4. Mrs. Pickles, don't despair! :)You're awesome!

    Laughter has always helped me too...but I'm learning not to cover up the feelings with laughter. Balancing both while managing not to be an emotional yo-yo is harder than getting my ex, the computer genius, to set up automatic draft payments for child support...and that's pretty hard to do.

  5. Stephanie you crack me up! You must not have been divorced for very long. Ex's are complete buttholes when it comes to taking care of anything that will make your life easier. I was never a nag until I got divorced. Now anytime I talk to him it is a nagging session waiting to happen. BTW thanks for stopping by. Made my day!

  6. We've been divorced for over 3 years. He's textbook passive/aggressive...none of his behavior surprises me...it's just making me angrier than usual lately. I've got some posting to do on that topic, for sure.