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Friday, January 18, 2013


She had her "Aha!" moment somewhere in-between the blubbering and a restful night's sleep.

She grabbed the largest balloon she could find and ran outside.

Into the balloon went all the hot air that filled her lungs.

She let the wind carry the balloon away,
Took a deep breath of fresh air,
And embraced herself.

Oh the joy of feeling grounded! 


  1. I remember the feeling when I got divorced of finally being able to breathe... and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was a two pack a day smoker and was now out of the house. :)

    The second time I distinctly remember exhaling... the day after the funeral.

    1. Juli, I remember being able to breathe after my ex husband left as well...My family was like, "Finally, We have the Stephanie we know back!" This time around they knew if they gave me the room to cry, etc the old me would come back stronger. I miss the good things about Rudolph, but this is where I am in life, and I'm okay with that.