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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Winner

This time when they played
There was no laughter to follow .
They pulled so hard the rope broke in two,
And each took their piece.

She tied hers in a knot around her waist
To display her part of their undoing.
The edges of the loose end snagged and frayed
As she let it drag like a tail behind her.

He shouted, "I was right! I won!"
She conceded without looking back,
And kept walking,
Tears streaming down her face.

She knew when he turned that critical eye on himself
He'd experience the same pain.
She realized with that pain would come grief,
And clearly there was no winner.


  1. Yep, today I'm playing the part of the drama queen. Forgive this nonsense. I am really sad, and for today I'm permitting myself this role. Thank goodness for therapy tomorrow!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Joshua...I humbly accept this award...and now I'm going to go cry in the corner...where I belong...alone, but with my thoughts of pain and sorry...sigh...

      I keed, I keed also!

  3. Ownership is the first step to wonderful things.... and for not making the same choices.


    1. Thank you. :) Remember... they are NEVER mistakes, only choices.

  4. Holy Shit this blog post is a bunch of crap! There... I said it for you all. That is all...carry on....

    Exits stage left.

  5. Everybody has to bitch sometime...

  6. It wasn't a bunch of crap at all. It's very good. Sometimes the winner doesn't "win" anything at all.


  7. I am with Janie and see it as insightful.

    Blogs work well for that anyway--allow you to say what you want so it will stop dancing around in your mind.

    I hope your weekend goes well Stephanie.