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Friday, January 25, 2013

These Things That Make Life- EDITED

Happy Friday!

Here are some bits and pieces of me from this past week:

Watched "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" with Peanut on Tuesday night. Amazing to watch your kid's wheels turning as they try and figure out the meaning behind a story. "Why are his leaves falling off his legs? What do you think that means? Why can't he stay with them? ....." Huge conversation about compassion, acceptance and the important role people play in our lives regardless of the amount of time you get with them... We had a good cry over characters we didn't personally know, but really, it was a nice outlet for our own life's tears.

Wednesday's Facebook Status Post:

"There will always be a person who can make your life meaningful...
don't believe me? Look in the mirror.
I know, I know...I go thru one little breakup and suddenly I'm like excerpts from a self help book"

I had a wonderful old friend who commented on this post with this:
"It is the rougher spots in life that shape our views the strongest - you're just letting your rough spot polish you to a brilliant shine!"
I don't know if it's that I just pick good friends or I'm lucky they picked me...probably both.


Did I mention that I got pharyngitis earlier this week and left work early on Monday and was out all of Tuesday? Yah, fancy word for really bad sore throat with a mild fever. So glad I didn't get the flu.
Did I also mention that my ex's parents kept Peanut for me all day Monday thru Tuesday morning when they took her to school for me? Peanut's dad was out of town and they stepped in...mostly because they didn't want her to catch what I had, but also because we're family.


This morning 20% of my annual salary was given to me as an annual bonus by my employer. To say I'm blown away by their generosity (yet again) is an understatement!


So that's my story for the week...one of compassion, understanding, acceptance, generosity, honesty, and the importance of a good cry when it hurts achieving these things that make life.


  1. A very powerful--& I'm sure--VERY TRUE response!!

  2. I hate people who slag off their exes on social media, it is childish and cruel. Also they are shooting themselves in the foot because they are putting their nastiness out there for all to see.

  3. I had wanted to see that movie. I heard it was fantastic. And these days, honestly, I'm starting to hate social media. It's way too easy for people to try and hurt other people. Sad, really... that all someone can do to build themselves up is knock someone else down.

    Okay... I'm done. Have a great day Steph!

  4. I hope next week is more serene for you.

  5. Note to those who commented last week...it was poor judgement on my part to post what I did regarding my thoughts on a certain issue...Got my "big girl" panties on now (yep, I've bedazzled them...of course)...moving on.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with the way you go through life learning from every experience no matter how good or how bad! I can't imagine a better outlook to give to your child. Peanut is such a blessed girl and also a wonderful blessing all on her own :)

    1. Thank you Maggie. I can't say I always succeed, but I do try! And yes, The Nut is definitely a blessing.

  7. ...Timothy Green is that special kind of flick that managed to hold all three of my kids's attention, even the hormone-fueled teenager. It's that good ;)