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Friday, December 28, 2007

Bah Humbug Bookcases

Saturday morning I went to Target to look for a bookcase for Peanut's room. I found what I was looking for and proceeded to pull it down from the shelf. It was on the top shelf at about shoulder height. The boxes were all upright and supported by a brace. I started to pull it down and must have tapped the larger bookshelf boxes to the right of mine(no brace to hold them up)...the next thing I know I'm reaching over to ease the fall of one of those boxes...and then three more boxes fall on my back and head(like dominos). Ouch!!! Some very nice people helped get the other boxes off of me. I was lucky enough that they fell in a way that I didn't feel the weight of them on me, but my head sure did hurt. Thankfully, no bump. The Target people were surprisingly less than kind and the first girl on the scene didn't even ask me if I was okay. The manager was nice and I filled out an accident report just in case there was more wrong with me than I realized...she had someone help me get the box I needed. Thank goodness Peanut was not with me. If the shopping cart with her in it had been next to me it could have been ugly. They pulled all the boxes down and stacked them horizontally after that...zoiks! I was more stunned than anything else which kind of caused me to cry...not pretty. That funk kind of stuck with me for the rest of the holiday weekend. I had so much planned for the weekend. I was only going to have Peanut Sunday night (Robert had her for Christmas this year), so I was going to use my "free" time for cleaning out closets and getting rid of the clutter in the house...yet somehow my time didn't feel "free". I wasn't prepared for the emotional rollercoaster. I spent most of my free time watching Lifetime Channel movies (tear jerkers!) and doing sudoku puzzles...inbetween crying and just plain old feeling blah. Brian and I weren't able to be together for the holiday and that was tougher than I thought. I really miss him. We have this amazing connection (even long distance), but if you throw in being alone for the holiday, newly divorced even the people you're connected to most feel 10 times more distant...and all it took was a bump on the head to bring me to that place of loneliness that I knew all too well from years past. There were some really special moments over the holiday break though...I will share those in another post.

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