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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chanukah Party

Proper spinning form is everything
when chocolate money is at stake!
And one more, just because
A rare picture of Cecilie - she is like me and doesn't post many
pictures of herself on her own blog, so I felt compelled to post one here
"We're just playing for the gelt"
" M's & M's - I'll just help myself, mom!"
" What do you mean I'm too young for Latkes?!"
We had a Chanukah party on Sunday the 9th at our house. What a joy to share the holiday with my dear friends and their children. This year I did something I've never done...I didn't buy too much food for the party. We had just enough! The kids actually played dreidel this year. They were too young last year, so the adults did the playing. Nana Rose made some excellent latkes. I wish I remembered to take a photo of her with her spatula and Chanukah apron. She looked so cute! What a pro too! Can't wait for the third annual Chanukah party next year.

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