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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I have been posting (and emailing) a lot of pictures of Peanut these days. I know the purpose of this blog is to "connect" with loved ones and friends and truly express myself. Feeling a bit disconnected this holiday season, so sharing pictures of Peanut just helps. To add to the strange holiday blues my divorce should be final any day now...this is a huge relief, but still a loss...so I'm masking the blues with photos. So much of this past year has been spent concentrating on the "motherhood" side of me. So much of the divorce had to do with custody, parenting, etc with very little emphasis on the relationship ending. I am pretty sure that's going to hit me soon, but also confident that all the work I've done on myself in the past 16 months (and the love and support I've been receiving from so many of you) will help me get through it...so bear with me and the overload of Peanut photos and mommy ramblings, there's a real me behind all of this and I intend to show it. BH, thank you for helping me find and love the me I thought I lost.

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  1. So sorry we could not make it Sunday. Please keep the pictures coming!! It is the best way for me to see glimpses of your life, and I miss you!