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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Like a Prayer

We're in the car after school Monday and Peanut says "I'm a princess and I'm going to marry my prince in 4 days". So I asked her what her name was (trying to figure out which princess she thought she was which might explain why she picked 4 days). She told me she was Princess Madonna! We were in Robert's car on Thanksgiving b/c he was giving us a ride to the airport. Thank goodness for that because I would never have figured out why she chose Madonna. Apparently he's playing Madonna's Like a Prayer song a lot b/c she requests it and knows the words...because I knew this I was able to sing a couple lines from the song...she picked up right where I left off and sang the song...so funny...a singer she is not, but it was entertaining because she just had so much fun...and so did I.

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