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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lotsa Matzo Balls!

Nana Rose came to visit for 10 days (during Chanukah). Peanut usually will only eat Matzo ball soup if Nana is feeding them to her. She used to call them white balls, now they go by Lotsa Balls! We were sitting at the dinner table Saturday night scarfing down the yummy soup. We lit the Chanukah candles and said the prayer for Chanukah. While we were eating we started singing the Chanukah songs. Peanut learned them last year and I had just started re-teaching them to her earlier in the week. She has a book that has both songs in the stories, so she knows the Dreidel song and Oh Chanukah song. We sang the Dreidel song together and then she started to sing Oh Chanukah by herself. It was so cute and she brought both my mom and I to tears...I think my mom is a bit worried that Peanut won't be exposed enough to her Jewish heritage since we don't go to temple. I have decided to look into taking her to Friday night services. There's a temple that has a Tot Shabbat service on Friday nights that is geared toward children and families. I will have to investigate. Fear not, Nana! Later that evening we spent a half hour dancing to the new Chanukah CD I got for the party. We were spinning like dreidels until we dropped...and then we had to spin again!

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