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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Chanukah from Super Barkely!

Peanut got a new stuffed dog for Chanukah last night. I am proud of myself for not giving it to her sooner as I got it over 2 months ago. He's a super-sized Barkley dog that Jellycat just came out with this year. I forgot how big he was until she opened the box up. He's almost as tall as she is. I made a small Chanukah celebration for us last night. Pretty much consisted of the opening of her present and lighting the menorah candles and reading some Chanukah books (over and over again). Sunday we are having a rather large party with our friends and my mom will be in town. Nice to share my holiday with my non-Jewish friends and I'm touched that they are excited about participating. In a couple of the photos she is reading to Super Barks. She got her books and sat down on the floor to read to him. Had fun getting the candids for that.

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