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Friday, October 7, 2011


We walked in healthy that day.

Everyone settled into their seats as our session began. She chose us for this group, a bushel of apples ripe for picking.

It was good to be with my Thursday "family". We skipped a week, but that was to fill our bellies with honey.

For a change we each spoke of our accomplishments. The room was at peace as we told great stories of how we handled our lives... proof that we grew over the last two weeks. We were confident this was a sign that maybe we wouldn't need the full two hours that day! After all, we were in a good place.

"This is all good, but look deeper," she said. The smiles faded from our faces as we delved into the very core of our beings. We peeled back our shiny, polished exteriors and examined ourselves...once more...because she asked us to...because we could without feeling the pain of being sliced open.   

We walked out healthier that day.


  1. Keep a little of the "peel"--that's where most of the vitamins (& some of our best experiences) are!

  2. Very interesting. I'd love to know more. You already know I'm nosy.


  3. I feel the opposite after each day of work...just a little bit sicker.

  4. They always want us to look deeper, but when I do that, I usually walk away with a Migraine...Where is the glue, I think I will glue my peel back in place!

  5. You walked in healthy; you walked out healthier. What a compliment that is to your group leader and to all of you who participate in that group.

    Peeling back layers--as with an onion--is never easy. There is, I think, always the fear that at the center of our life, of ourselves, there is a void.
    We fear finding nothing there.

    My experience is being and has been this: that at the deep center of myself I find the Holy Oneness of All Creation of which you, Stephanie, and I and all your readers and all humanity are a part.

    I find that very comforting and awe-fulling. I hope you do too.


  6. What a great analogy. :)

    And here I was thinking you were going to talk about Steve Jobs. (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

    I often think I should get back to therapy. Course, my therapist is now Youngest's therapist, so I have no idea how that would work. I've never done group sessions, could be good for me.

  7. Kudos to you. This is a fab post and it sounds like a good day. I'll confess the concept of looking deeper frightens me to death - I always think, what if there is nothing deeper?

  8. The best time to look deeper is when you are feeling good. When you're in therapy because of a crisis it's healing. When you're not in crisis the real growth can begin.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful session. I want to know more too though :)

  10. i've heard that the best time to do therapy is when you are healthy and feeling good. i've heard the really smart couples (i don't know how they do it) go to counseling while the relationship is still great.
    the only time i went was after my dad died and i wanted to talk to someone, and it helped.
    sliced open without the pain. yes, there are different sorts of pain when digging deep within, that's also been my experience.

  11. Light - I barely know you, yet I can say with certainty after reading your posts, there is no way you'd look deeper and find nothing.

    Ed - my therapist has mentioned that it's best to do couples therapy when the relationship is still good.

    Fishducky - I keep my peels, I promise! :)

    Elisa- we had a two week break in-between sessions due to Rosh Hashana falling on Thursday last week. Most of the time when we've gone two weeks without meeting the energy in the room is quite heavy...this time nobody was "in crisis" (quite the opposite). Our therapist pushed us to explore things when our emotions weren't so raw. A lot of "aha!" moments. It was good.