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Monday, October 31, 2011


I haven't had time really to write a "meaningful" post lately. Between house improvements and work and child, this momma is quite wiped. The good news is,..... those sad thoughts looping in my brain for the past year + (okay, past 2+ years) have noticeably subsided. I'm not consumed by them anymore. I'm attributing this to some growth and the fact that I have so much clutter in my house as a result of the remodeling that I simply don't have time for the clutter in my brain.

Since this needs to be a quick post, I thought I'd show some pictures from Halloweens past.

That's me in the middle with the big hair....I was a Garden Ho(e)...hee hee.

You guessed it, I was Dressed to the Nines

This one may be hard to see, but I couldn't find any better ones. Peanut was a
WalMart Greeter! She was quite social at 1 1/2, so I made her the vest.

I miss Ugly Betty!

I was a Witch Bitch in 2007...Get it? Rich Bitch? I know...not one of my best

Every Liberal Democrat should dress up as Sarah Palin at least once in their lifetime!

Gotta run...There's a beauty pageant I want to enter in...the winner gets to be President.


  1. You make a great Sarah Palin. The Garden Ho was spectacular.

  2. The Garden Ho is too funny!!! I love that you made Peanut a WalMart greeter too! You're hysterical; I loved them all!! Happy Halloween Stephanie!

  3. Sarah Palin... scary. If I hear of a plot to replace her with a human being, I'll put your name forward!

  4. Holy Palin.

    Thank God you're not really her. :) And the Walmart greeter? AWESOME! (Did you have her hand out stickers too?)

  5. You are sooo much fun! Great costumes :) So creative!

  6. Loved your different guises. So glad to hear you're uncluttering hearth, home and mind. That is progress, indeed! Big hug xo

  7. Very creative costumes! The only costumes I can remember making my kids ( it was SO long ago) were clown-like outfits with electrical wiring around the waist so my boys had figures like balls. They were Tweedledee & Tweedledum.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. I loved the garden Ho! You are truly hilarious missy. Have a great Halloween.
    Ps. Being a bit conservative I loved seeing you are Palin. I think the woman is stunning. lol Don't let that stop you from coming to visit me if you get out this way. Phil will make up for it as he is just like you. A democrat to the 9's, and I love him too. :)

  9. Melynda- I will not hold it against you...I have several friends who think Palin is the bomb...I don't get it, but respect you for your opinion.
    Glad you all enjoyed the costumes.
    Peanut did not hand out stickers, but I did take her to WalMart that day...they don't have a sense of humor there....oh well

  10. Love the photos. Hate the Palin. Not you dressed as her. Hate HER.