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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Season Tickets

I'm usually a very patient person when we go to movies or live theatre where children are involved. I'm even pretty patient at restaurants.  Friday night there was a family sitting behind us at the theatre (we were seeing Oliver, remember?). They had 3 kids. An infant, a 4-ish year old girl and a 3-ish year old boy. The little girl talked through the whole thing, "I'm hungry." "Mommy, I'm thirsty". "I can't see" (they were 5th row and there was nobody sitting in the seat next to me, so she had a perfect view). Then she had to sit on mom's lap and mistakenly kicked my shoulder.

Okay, so I can handle that usually. But these kids did not let up! At one point the little boy smacked the girl in the face and more fussiness started (I didn't see this happen, our friend who went with us did). Then the baby cried...but they didn't take her out. They let her fuss, just like the other kids.

So I did what any normal person would do, I kept looking back with a stern look on my face. I didn't want to tell them to take them out, because this is after all, a kids show.


This went on for THE ENTIRE SHOW....one hour of distractions. It was obvious these kids were too young for a show like this. Way too young.  I'm happy to report Peanut and her friend behaved perfectly during the entire show. Not a peep, unless it was to laugh or clap or whisper a question about something they didn't understand.

The show ends and we collect our stuff to leave. One of the ladies that was with this family overheard me saying that I hoped they didn't have season tickets. We do, so I hate to think of going to 4 more shows with this noise. She looked at me and said, "Is there a problem?" She didn't wait for me to answer..."they're just kids and this is a kids show"

"Yes," I said. "This is a kids show, but it was the entire time."

She didn't reply, but glared at me.

Oooh!!! I hate stuff like this. Chaps my tushy buns!

On the one hand she was right, kids are kids and they're gonna make noise at a kids show...don't get me wrong, I get this. I really do. My own child is not always perfect either...but those kids were above and beyond the normal kid distractions.

Let's hope they do not have season tickets!

PS - We did still have a wonderful time...and just as I thought, her eyes were glued to the stage the whole time!


  1. Ooh, this post really struck a nerve with me. I remember so many similar situations when we took our kids to shows and other people's children ruined it for everyone. Kids need to learn to behave appropriately in different situations, and their parents certainly aren't teaching them that by allowing them to talk all through a show! They should have taken the baby out as soon as it started crying, and they should have told the other two that if they couldn't stop talking they would have to leave (and then followed through). I can't stand parents who let their kids annoy everyone around them. If you can't keep them quiet, then leave!!

  2. Yes, they ARE kid's shows, but the kids should know how to behave--& you should NOT bring an infant to places like this! I hope that the rest of the shows are also good enough to compensate for the audience.

    I had visions of her kids behind me on a long airplane flight, kicking my seat..........

  3. It's one thing to be a "kid" but when you are in a public venue it's up to the parents to be courteous and make sure others aren't disrupted. Glad I wasn't there. The Jersey Girl in me would have come out. haha. So glad your daughter and friend enjoyed the show. I love when young people are exposed to the arts. My granddaughters are too. Good job Mom!

  4. Dear Stephanie, It seems to me that the commentators all make good points. I remember my mom not taking my brother and me to church until we were old enough to keep quiet.

    That needs to apply to live theater also. I can't believe the two children and the baby enjoyed that experience.

    It's sad really that some well-meaning parents who want to give their children the experience of live theater don't realize that a certain amount of discipline as well as maturity is necessary.


  5. First, congratulations to Peanut and her friend for being well behaved. That's great, Peanut and friend. Second, congratulations to you Stephanie for not slapping anyone. When my darling daughter graduated from her ritzy prep school, a man with a 3 or 4 year old child on his lap sat next to me. The kid kicked me in the leg the entire freaking time. I finally held down the kid's leg and said, Stop kicking me. The dad actually made him behave after that, but it shouldn't have been necessary for me to do that; and that child didn't belong at such an important ceremony. Thinking about it now makes me want to smack somebody so it's a good thing I just have the dogs around because I would never hit them.


  6. It's a double edged sword. Hopefully if she has season tickets, she'll leave one or two at home. :)

    So glad Peanut had a good time, because after all... that was the point. :)

  7. It's rude, plain and simple. Yes, it's theatre for children, but that's not an excuse. I'm sorry they were like that behind you. Let us hope they are not subscribers.

  8. Unfortunately people use the "they are just children" excuse until they aren't children anymore and by then it is too late. We learned how to sit quietly in church because if we didn't we would get our tushy buns toasted.

  9. I grit my teeth when people don't take their crying baby out of the room where everyone is trying to pay attention! NO, I don't have any kids but I have taken my crying nephews out of a room before and I would courteously do it with my own kids too! I hope something gets better for the next performance.