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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Soph's Birthday

Today there is another birthday amongst our bloggerhood neighbors.

Soph's birthday is today!

Happy Birthday to you, missy!

Soph always has fun stories to tell about dating and does great interviews (Yes, I never got you the answers for my interview....guilty, oops, sorry)....plus the girl can pick some great music to share!

Some of you may know about her 2nd blog, but if you don't, here it is:

Again, Happy Birthday...and many happy returns.


  1. You are so good with birthdays! What is your secret?!?

  2. I had a post a while back where I asked for everyone's birthdays.

    I use my Outlook calendar and set up reminders.

    Speaking of birthdays, if you haven't emailed me your birthday and would like a shout out on your special day, please do so...or you can just post it in comments here.

  3. Hahaha!!! That was clever to get everyone's birthdays in a post!! Silly thoughtful girl!! (mine is tomorrow.)

  4. Brilliant idea. And, more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPH!

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Soph! Hope you have a great one..
    I'm glad E made me start a blog too. I'll tell everyone tomorrow which ONE fact was untrue.. (That's right only one is bogus..)

  6. Thank you Stephanie, that was really lovely and kind!! Thank you for kind words and blog shout out too...now I am off to the pub! lol

    Thanks lovely xx

  7. Happy birthday, Soph!

    My birthday is Sept. 27, 1934--& no, 1934 was NOT a misprint!

  8. I no longer have birthdays.


  9. I actually love her Knitting and Vodka blog.

    Happy birthday Soph!