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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Alphabet Surprise

It amazes me how differently children learn with their parents and with their teachers. I've been working on the letters of the alphabet with Peanut lately. Every time I ask her what a letter is I get "I don't know"...every now and then she'll throw me a bone, but not usually. Yesterday I picked Peanut up from school. She had her handwriting work that she had done in her folder. When we were in the car I told her what a great job she was doing with writing her letters. She asked for the paper so I gave it to her...then she starts rattling off all of the letters of her name. She got them all right except the "q" and the "t's" which she said were "g's" and "f's". Not bad considering her last name is 12 letters long! Told her she was a "stinker" for not coming clean about knowing her letters sooner...she thought that was pretty funny. What a fun surprise for me!

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