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Monday, October 8, 2007


Tomorrow would have been my grandma Ann's Birthday (my dad's mother). Perfect day to share the stories of how "moth-erflies" came to be. So my grandma leaves me this message on my answering machine in early 2000..."hello, Stephanie, this is grandma(r) Ann. I have a story to tell you that's real cute. Don't call me, I'll call you at about 8 o'clock, so it will be 9 here..." I like to write that out because I can still hear her voice from this message. I saved it for the longest time and even had it after she passed away. Unfortunately I accidentally erased it in 2002. So here is the story of the "moth-erflies". I talked with my grandma that night...she was so excited about these butterflies that were hanging out on the screen on her window. She kept saying how they were always there and that they reminder her of her parents. They made her day. She called me back a few days later. As it turned out, her eyesight was starting to go and she didn't realize they were moths! Not only were they moths, they were dead. She told me this and in the cutest voice (laughing while she said it), she told me "you got a stupid grandma". Of course I told her she wasn't. The best part of this...Papa Sam is very resourceful. He got the two moths and mounted them on a butterfly frame made of wood and hung them up on the wall. So sweet the love that grew between the two of them! And the moth-erflies are now safe and sound with me. Not so pretty to look at, but the story makes them beautiful. I posted in an earlier post how I saw a butterfly during my grandma Norma's funeral recently...now when I see them I like to think that it's grandma Ann coming to visit. They always appear at the most opportune times too...coincidence? Probably, but I like to think otherwise.

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