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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Wearing Chocolate!

Saturday I met my bestie, Tracy over at the bridal shop. She's getting married in a couple of months. I am a bridesmaid. I had some reservations about finding a dress because of the mush-pile belly, the puffy arms and sagging tushy buns I've been sporting lately. Notice I did not mention my breasts...they're still fabulous, I'm happy to report.

Here's a link to Tracy's blog because not enough of you have gushed over her beautiful ring.

 Tracy's Blog

In her last post she mentioned some stress about wedding preparations. For those of you who don't know this girl, there's nothing she can't plan for. I have the utmost confidence that she will handle it like a pro. And I've already threatened to post in my blog if she becomes the dreaded "BrideZilla"!

Saturday morning I came armed with my high heels and was wearing these lovely gut suckers:

I know, awesome, right?

They're my secret weapon....shhhhhhhh!

Tracy helped me try the dresses on and didn't even laugh at my larger than life panties. She is awesome, let me tell you...because I walked out of there feeling good.

She was an Anti-BrideZilla...even let me pick the style that I wanted...each bridesmaid gets to choose the style, but we're all wearing the very cool color called Truffle. I'm wearing chocolate!


  1. Are those spanx? Love them...

    I have mine already for my dress. :)

    I love the chocolate color for weddings. Our colors were ivory, lilac, and chocolate. Then we expanded to lt. blue and deep purple as well. :)

  2. Nope, not spanx...just your garden variety gut sucking, oxygen cutting, bladder squeezing grannies.

  3. Who wouldn't want to claim to have warn chocolate! So jealous. I guarantee you do not look half as bad as you think you do! You are way to hard on yourself. Just like my turtle neck knees. (giggles)
    I didn't see any Chinese ladies. lol

  4. Ok, so long as you are not actually wearing chocolate like some bad Lady Gaga dream. LOL

  5. I thought you'd gone over to writing MILF erotica while I was reading that first paragraph...

    I'm resisting the urge to laugh at the granny's... I give up.. lol

  6. Arlequin, I so needed that laugh this morning. Thanks!

  7. I bet you look awesome in the color of chocolate :0) I hope you'll post pics.

  8. I have a jar of liquid body chocolate that I found at a couples store. I thought that's what you meant! haha. Sounds like the wedding will be a lot of fun and your friend sounds awesome.

  9. Well, Steph, you make it easy to not be a Bride-Zilla. Thanks for selecting a beautiful gown even if it does make you look like a size 2 and I will look like an ivory hippo. That's why you aren't standing directly next to me! LOL!

  10. I tried to get a pair of them on before and I nearly pulled a muscle in my arm, pull my back and at one point my hand slipped up and wacked me in the head! I looked skinny but also beaten up!

  11. *Sigh* I love chocolate! I think it just might be better than sex.

  12. so you enjoyed my sword fight eh? Maybe you and Peanut can do something weird like that. Sure does make great memories.

  13. Mmm, chocolate. I wouldn't mind wearing chocolate.

  14. I've got me a pair of those!

    And chocolate isn't so bad. Lucky you that you're not dealing with Bridezilla. Seriously!