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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Are the People in Your Blogger-Hood?

I am happy to be saving my last Cadbury Egg of the season for Julianna over at Surviving Boys.

Why, you ask?

Because I'm gonna be in Boston for a work conference in September and we're gonna meet up!

Julianna was one of my first followers that I didn't have to pay wasn't a personal friend. Through her posts, I've stumbled upon some awesome blogs...not to mention that hers is fantastic! (Seriously, I raved about her blog to friends).

I am trying to remember exactly how I found Julianna's blog. I can't remember if it was through Blogs of Note or if when reading another blog I found her comments to be awesome. Anyway, I started following her and she followed back! That's what we do, right? We grow our little blogger-hoods, follower by follower...and reach out to our blogger neighbors to borrow strength and courage...or sometimes just a hearty laugh.

Who are the people in your Blogger-Hood?


  1. Me too Whiskey Girl! You've been "crack"ing us all up lately...literally! Speaking of, hope your tushy buns have healed from riding Dallas (okay, that sounds bad if you don't know what I'm talking about. Dallas is a horse, of course!).

  2. Further clarification: WG was riding Dallas, not RIDING Dallas.

    And you have no idea how much I want to pinch your cheeks (the above the neck ones, though the upper leg ones would be more fun) for saying "tushy buns."

  3. We call them "tushy buns" at our house.

  4. OMG.. you're just ten kinds of cute! Do you miss the little house on the prairie much?

  5. Arlequin - I hate to admit this, but YES, I do miss Little House on a Prairie! And Benson, Happy Days, Facts of Life, Different Strokes. I'm ten kinds of dorky...it works for me!

  6. Not quite what I meant 'Laura' ... but those shows were great! You forgot to mention 'Soap' (confused? you will be after this episode)... and WKRP in Cincinnati. The Waltons too!

  7. Well I don't like the taste of beer and I can tolerate SOME wine. I usually go for the hard stuff but drown out the taste with juice or coke. I am looking forward to morphine after my surgery! I'm sure you realize that the comment about benadryl was a joke ;)

  8. Oh my gosh--September will be so fun. I can't wait to read about it ;)

    P. S. I think I might have figured out my blogroll update problem. A new post is showing up now. whoot whoot LOL! :0)

  9. Wow, I go out of town for a week and you have 100 followers! Just goes to show that people recongnize greatness when they see it.

  10. Stephanie, I love Cadbury Eggs too! They make me really happy.

  11. Awe! Well, I can say you def. didn't find me through blogs of note. I'll never make it there... they are like the cool cliques in High School, that have no real criteria other than they like you for the moment. :) Nope. I'm much happier to be the girl who's friends will everyone....

    I am so excited about getting together! I sent you an email... Mike's pastries here we come! Its ok... you can send Ms. Pickle the Cadbury egg... we will be consuming more than our weight in canolis, triple layer chocolate cake, cheese cake, and pizzelle cookies to more than make up for it. :) I just hope you still like me this much when I'm in 3-D. :0)

  12. A round of Cadbury Eggs for everyone.

    Arlequin - I so get what you're saying now...I had my bonnet on backwards before...sorry! :)

    RJF- Yes, I realize you were joking about the Benadryl.

    Everyone, meet The Real Jack Fabulous...he has popped up on some of our blogs with that really cute puppy picture (twice, so it looks like I have more followers than I do)

    Check out his blog - The Real Jack Fabulous (I'm too lazy to post the link...just look to on the right hand column)We all need a little promoting every once in a while...and his comments are less raunchy than Maxwells...not that I mind the raunchy, of course.

  13. Yes you did and you got me reading Juliana's also. lol Actually I have found that every time you come over and tell me to check someone out I am never disappointed. So you my dear blogging friend are one of my favorite people. I'm happy to have blog met you. lol

  14. So lucky! I love Julianna! She's one of the peeps in my bloggy neighbourhood! Tell her I say 'hi!'