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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Kid Cracks Me Up

Peanut is still pretty annoyed about her hair being hacked off the other week. It looks good, but it was so gorgeous when it was longer (not to mention she waited so long to grow it out).

This is what she is now telling people who comment about her hair cut:

"My dad took me to the salon and they wasted this much of my hair"

 As she saying this she's showing that it used to be about two inches longer...with this funny but angry face (and a whole bunch of attitude).

I love how kids look at things. Her hair was, indeed, wasted.

My kid cracks me up.


  1. That is seriously adorable. Well done, Peanut.

  2. It will grow back, but I'm sure that the perpetrators of this atrocity will have learnt a lesson too.

  3. Hehe I know the trauma she is going through, the hairdresser wasted a bunch of my hair recently!

  4. They are so stinking precious. I love the things they say and do.
    As for the kitty I am positive it's a girl. As allergic as I am I keep taking them in and the vet has taught me to how to check. If you see two holes when you lift the tail it's a girl. One visible one and it's a boy. lol I'm a pro. Yes I think we are two birds of a feather.

  5. She is soooo cute :0) I bet she'd be best friends with my little Scribe and Hippie.

    Oh and I just got your comment on my blog. You can email me at ecboutique05@gmail.com

  6. She's right, you did waste it. You should have let her use the hair you chopped to make false eyelashes.

  7. I want a little peanut dammit!

  8. I hate getting my haircut but I love my hair short...life can be cruel.