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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Now that we know CATherine is really a he kitty, we're calling him by our original nickname, Bumper.

We've had Bumps upstairs in the guest room since yesterday. This sweet, little kitty is quite extraordinary, and we've already grown quite fond of him. He constantly bumps up against you (and furniture) and then flops down and cuddles.

I'm painting a sweet, awe she must have loved to watch Highway to Heaven when she was in her 20's because she had nothing else to do, picture, right?

Bumper Cat has gas.


Peanut thought this was hysterical, of course, and decided to join in the fun.



  1. I'm sorry, but I can't stop picturing Bumper Cat as a bumper car. I'm imagining a tiny hairy car with it's tail attached to the ceiling running around randomly bumping into stuff.

  2. That is so funny you said that, Maxwell, because I've called him Bumper Cat quite often and thought of the same thing. He really does just randomly bump into stuff....nice touch with the tail attached to the ceiling!

  3. OH my gosh! You had me laughing soo hard :)

    Once we had a dog with gas. I stopped feeding him certain dog food after that LOL!

  4. Hehe I was totally imagining the bumper car cat thing too,

  5. You should call him 'Pumper' perhaps?

  6. Lmao change his diet!!!!! Oh and get him fixed quick or you won't just have to worry about gas.
    You are so funny

  7. Our cat has reflux.

    Just like us.

    There's nothing better than the smell of cat puke on a daily basis, let. me. tell. you.

  8. That's why my parents don't dig pets. ):

  9. There are a number of pun-related male names you could have given him, such as Cat Stevens, Jim Meowerson, and Meow Tze Dung.

  10. Welcome Elliot!

    Those are some great cat names! Furr real, they are!

  11. I'll bet there are a lot of "toot" jokes going on around your house these days!