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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Like a Jerk

I picked The Peanut up yesterday from her dad's house. I was taking her to her ice skating lesson. First let me get my little dig in about how it crazes me that The P.A.N. will not bring Peanut to ice skating lessons, or any other lesson that I've signed her up for. The ice skating rink is around the corner from my office. He lives 15-20 minutes away...so I spent close to 40 minutes round trip just to pick her up. I'm getting very tired of the North Dallas Tollway. Let's just say it's taking it's "toll" on me (couldn't resist that silly pun). I'm even more tired of The P.A.N.

When I arrived she was just getting back from day camp. She was messy faced and messy haired. She wanted to run to our house first but I told her we didn't have time. "But mom, I need to brush my hair"

"Run back inside daddy's and get your brush"

"C'mon mom, you know I hate that brush. If I don't brush my hair I'm going to look like a complete jerk!"

Why she chose the word jerk is beyond me. After I stopped cracking up we ran to the Walgreen's to get one of her favorite hair brushes. When skating and dinner were over I took her back to her dad's house and told her she could keep the brush there.

She needs a good brush at his house, and after all, I didn't want to look like a jerk.

That's The P.A.N.'s job.


  1. So you pick her up from his... go back to where you just came from... stay for the lesson, drive back to his to drop her off and then go home...

    Lend me $500, I'll pay you back sometime... honest, or we can trade for this bridge I have that I don't need.

  2. If I don't do that then she won't get to her classes. Ridiculous I know.

  3. That still absolutely kills me. Part of being a parent is playing nicely with the other parent. UGH! The other question would be, is that why she doesn't brush her hair at Dad's house because she didn't have a good brush there? Then he punishes her by getting her hair cut? I wonder how he is going to feel 5 maybe 10 years from now when she tells him just how much of a jerk HE has been all of these years.

  4. I love how she thinks she will look like a jerk.
    That made me laugh almost as much as Arlequín's comment.

  5. Yes, Tracy...that's why she doesn't like to brush her hair at dad's house. I offered several times to get her one of the brushes she likes for his house...and I've even texted him a picture of what the brush looked like (because he said he'd get one)...and he never did.

  6. She's so cute. At least she cares what she looks like. Which might be bad for you once she hits those teen years like my monster did. 9and like ya. sorry couldn't resist.)

  7. Arlequin read my mind. You had to drive to his house, pick her up, take her to skating, then drive her back to his house? That is pretty rotten if he refuses to help out in that way. Now I know why ex's are ex's. You're a good mom!!

  8. good for you. :)

    Honey, you have no idea what I've done to keep my kids "cool".

    As they get older, they have learned who the "jerk" is without any help from me.

    Oh, and just a fun aside... mine's started giving out MY phone # to his creditors. So when he doesn't pay, it's my house they're stalking. Seems he's a PAN in the making...

  9. This might just be my favorite post yet! Stephanie, you are great :)

  10. Thanks, Mrs Pickles!
    Julianna- Your ex sucks rocks

  11. That's so funny! Like a jerk...I'm gonna start using that one.

  12. "Like a jerk" LOL! I'll 'really' brush my hair all the time now *giggles*

  13. Your Peanut sounds so cutely! And like a feisty little one already, I love it!

    You're amazing :) loved this post. You could NEVER be a jerk. Just saying.