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Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Solicitors.....please

First off, good morning!

I was not going to get sucked into writing this weekend, and here I am!

Quote of the day:

"Mom, there are two floaties, but the rest were sinkers"  I probably asked for this the day I taught her what a "stinky biscuit" was.

Getting my mind off poopie humor now.

Shocker of the day:

"I think you need to take another look. She's a HE." That's right, much to my surprise, Catherine the cat is really a he. He had been neutered and his beans were barely noticeable. So we are going with his nickname, "Bumper" cat. Peanut asked the vet if we could still pretend he was a girl kitty and call him Catherine. She didn't quite get it when I said that we  didn't want the kitty to have an identity crisis.

Truth of the day: No Solicitors Please!

I'm enjoying everyone's blogs. They're real...sometimes I laugh with you and sometimes I cry. The frankness and raunchy posts are a guilty pleasure I have to admit...You keep writing, I'll keep reading...'cause you're funny and say things that shock the hell out of me...and on top of that, you're brave enough to be you...I am happy to Follow (really, sometimes your posts are the most exciting thing in my otherwise dull day).

This brings me to my truth of the day...I've got great "Followers". Most amazing and diverse bunch of people on the planet! And this might sound cryptic to some of you, but I hope any new Followers who come along are not following to solicit "business". I do not what to "expose" you to the particulars, but let's just say this recently happened to some fellow bloggers.

No solicitors....please.


  1. First of all, the quote of the day was awesome. I love it!
    Secondly, that was some BRILLIANT subtlety in your last paragraph. *slow clap*
    Finally, congrats on winning the contest! ;)

  2. We'll drag you down to our level before long... but in the meantime you're cute, funny and *licks lips* innocent... mwhuhaha...

    Have a nice day! :)

  3. Good looking out.

  4. Thanks guys (and gal)!
    Y'all have a great weekend.

  5. I should post pictures of my boobs that way I can earn money. Who wants to pay me a $1 a picture? Anyone??? Hello?

    Stephanie I love your posts. I love the sweet side of you but yet love the naughty side that so desperately wants to come out.

  6. Mrs. Pickles, for now I'll just live thru you guys...

  7. I love your blog. It's crazy how I've met so many amazing people (like you) through blogging. Pretty awesome if you ask me ;)

  8. A round of blogger hugs are in order!